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Southwestern Ontario's longest running club for open-minded adults
Great for a girls' night out, a fun evening with your partner, or a place to meet those open to swinging
(in London, Ontario)

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Are you tired of the typical bar scene full of college kids?
At Samantha's Place you can be comfortable dressing up, dancing, and flirting without unwanted attention. 
A night out at Samantha's Place can be what you want it to be: a fun night out with your partner, a girls' night out for dancing, or a place to meet people who are open-minded. 
You don't need to be a swinger to enjoy our events, we attract a wide range of people and we have many new guests at every event.
Samantha's Place caters to those who are respectful, honest, and open-minded sexually.  Our guests tend to be middle and upper class indivicuals who like to dress to impress.

===== Our Monthly 2016 Events =====
(We only have one event per month, we aren't open every weekend)

Saturday, November 12th, 2016
Dare to Donate
sponsored by the Love Shop
Spot of Delight

Early Bird special (9:30-9:45pm):
1/2 price for women and f-f couples
m-f couples save $10.
Regular rates after 9:45pm

We aren't planning a December 2016 party, as it's such a busy month. 
Our January 2017 event is tentatively scheduled for Jan. 14th, 2017
and future 2017 events will be posted later this fall.

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